Malarky's Last Fast "Track" of Red Cedar

Black Labrador Male

DOB 7/26/2008 (d. 7/19/2018)
AKC # SR51512207
CERF # LR-57464/2010-25
cataract - significance unknown
no inheritable eye disease diagnosed
OFA hips # LR-188845E24M-VPI (excellent)
CNM # Centro Nuclear Myopathy #54515 (clear 2/17/2009)
See for information regarding this disease

This black lab’s sire comes from Jazztime Labradors in Charlo, Montana and is the finishing touches we needed for our breeding. His pedigree is outstanding with champions on both sides. He will be able to improve our breeding with our black, yellow, and chocolate females.

Our intentions are to enroll him to training to pursue titles when he is of age. He’ll be one of the three prominent studs we will advertise in the future.

Track has shown his skills this fall and winter, out in the field. He can smell a bird in the thickest cover.  His sight is remarkable. His eyes follow flying birds; hunting, in the yard, or sitting in the pick-up truck. He has so much potential!

Track is also at Castile Creek Kennels training under Clint Mann. He is fine-tuning his obedience training and force fetch. Track is adapting very well in the training world and is very eager to learn.

Frozen Semen Available

Stored at Symbioun Inc., Abilene, KS - $1500